Charlene StandridgeCharlene Standridge is currently working as a Law Clerk for Syndication Attorneys, PLLC.  She earned her law degree in December 2015 from Concord Law School.  Charlene is an entrepreneurial, innovative professional with extensive legal and administrative knowledge. She has experience writing extensive reports, preparing legal documents and interpreting complex legal terminology.  Currently, she provides direct support for the managing attorney, conducts initial consultation with clients for evaluation, organizes and maintains electronic case files, conducts legal research, assists with any necessary documents for clients and files documents with federal and state securities regulatory agencies.

Charlene worked as a sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry for 27 years. She is a collaborative communicator who continually focuses on building relationships and promoting synergy across business lines and global units to drive positive change; cohesive, comprehensive business approaches; and enhanced profitability.

Call 844-SYNDIC-8, ext. 100, or click here to schedule a meeting with Charlene.