What Entities Do My Spouse and I Need to Represent Us in a Syndicate?

You can create a branded LLC that can either be member-managed or manager-managed. If you don’t want both spouses to sign every contract, make it manager-managed, with one of you as the manager so only the manager has to sign.

This entity should not ever own any real estate directly. The only thing it ever does is represent you in various Syndicates (within the management entity) and earn fees.

You can also use this entity to make offers. When you do, make sure you add “or assigns” to the offer. The name of this entity is what you build your brand identity around (website, marketing materials, etc.).

Don’t use your asset protection entity to represent you in the management of a syndicate. To take title to your Class B Interests, you can use the same entity that represents you in management, or a family trust, or another entity you own (this is where your asset protection entity may be used).