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Determining Investor Suitability  for 506(b) Offerings

Determining Investor Suitability for 506(b) Offerings

Question: If I am doing a 506(b) offering, do I still need a pre-existing substantive relationship before I can solicit from an Accredited Investor (AI)?  If “yes,” is there still any waiting period after I get that Accredited Investor to sign a document attesting to...

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How to Legally Raise Private Money

In this episode of the podcast “Cashflow Ninja,” host MC Laubscher interviews Kim Lisa Taylor about “How to Legally Raise Private Money,” which also is the subject of Kim’s best-selling book on Amazon. As Laubscher notes, this is an essential topic for anyone involved...

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Opportunity Zones for Syndicators

By now many taxpayers have heard about Opportunity Zones enacted under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017. As a quick recap, the objective of Opportunity Zones is to spur economic growth in underserved areas by providing tax incentives to investors in return for investing...

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Is This Ad Legal?

An advertisement containing the following language was forwarded to me, with the question, “Is this ad legal?” 12+% AVERAGE CASHFLOW!! 82+% 5-YEAR INVESTOR RETURN!! The ad went on to show photos of a multifamily property, discussing the status of due diligence and...

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