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Determining Investor Suitability  for 506(b) Offerings

Determining Investor Suitability for 506(b) Offerings

Question: If I am doing a 506(b) offering, do I still need a pre-existing substantive relationship before I can solicit from an Accredited Investor (AI)?  If “yes,” is there still any waiting period after I get that Accredited Investor to sign a document attesting to...

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How to Resell Interests in a Securities Offering

In this webinar, Kim Lisa Taylor, Esq., welcomed guests Simen Ruge and Jackson Stith, co-founders of SyndiGate Capital, LLC, which focuses exclusively on brokering secondary equity positions in middle-market commercial real estate investments. They discussed various...

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Distribution Waterfalls and How Cash Flows in a Syndicate

In this webinar, host and Syndication Attorneys, PLLC founding attorney Kim Lisa Taylor, Esq., educates participants about how cash flows in a syndicate, including an explanation of trends in distribution waterfalls. Listen to the webinar Read the transcript  ...

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