In real estate, pooling group members’ resources (both money and services) to purchase an asset that will yield a sufficient return to pay the syndicator and the investors from cash flow during operations and/or equity on refinance or resale.

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We provide real estate syndication services nationwide under federal securities laws. Business structures, disclosure documents, subscription agreements and filing, and marketing materials to support your securities offering: We’re with you every step of the way.

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Would you buy more real estate, do bigger deals, or grow your company faster if you knew how to raise unlimited amounts of private money? We can show you how and provide the tools you need to do it.

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We provide entrepreneurs and real estate investors with the tools they need to raise money from private investors legally, ethically, and profitably.

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We deliver custom solutions—tailored to your industry, your culture and your one-of-a-kind challenges. You get more than just legal paperwork when you hire our firm. This is a long-term business relationship.

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At Syndication Attorneys, we know there is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach for business needs. That’s why we offer a free consultation and customized solutions.

Syndication Attorneys – Your crowdfunding, start-up and real estate securities legal experts.

Syndication Attorneys, PLLC is a growing law firm whose purpose is to provide startups and real estate entrepreneurs with all of the tools they need to raise money from private investors legally, ethically and profitably.


Legal Documents

We draft Securities Offering Documents including Private Placement Memorandums, Subscription Agreements, Corporate Formation Documents and Operating Agreements, Limited Partnership Agreements, Corporate Documents, as well as doing the required SEC and Blue Sky filings.


Marketing Materials

Professional marketing materials can help you raise money faster and from higher net worth investors. We offer professionally written and designed marketing materials for your Securities Offerings and syndications through our Web Store, including Investment Summaries, Property Summaries, Pitch Decks, Investor Marketing Plans, Company Brochures, Track Records, Websites and more. All are prepared by professional editors and graphic designers and reviewed by our legal team.

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Let us be the one-stop shop for all of the legal and marketing needs for your Syndications and Securities Offerings. If you’re ready to learn more, visit our Web Store or schedule an appointment today!

For educational information, visit our Knowledge Center page where you will find numerous Articles, recorded Teleseminars, Podcasts and FAQs that answer many questions about Securities Offerings and Syndications.

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Kim’s expertise in multifamily real estate is superb. She makes herself available; she is thorough, thoughtful and helpful. I highly recommend Kim to a potential real estate investor.

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Firm Goes Above & Beyond

At times, Kim has reached even beyond expectations to help me in my syndication, as she has experience in the multifamily industry as an owner as well. I feel she is a teammate, and I will benefit from her guidance.  Read More Christopher Cashman