Real Estate Securities & Syndication Services

Our experienced Real Estate Securities Attorneys have built a solid reputation providing excellent business securities and corporate legal services for many years. Here’s a list of the services we offer to real estate entrepreneurs.

Pre-Syndication Retainers (a low cost way to engage our firm).
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Securities Compliance
✓ Regulation D
✓ Rule 506(b)
✓ Rule 506(c)
✓ Private Placement Memorandums
✓ Subscription Agreements
✓ SEC and Blue Sky Filings

Types of Offerings
✓ Real Estate Syndications
✓ Real Estate Fund Formation
✓ Fund of Funds
✓ Blind Pool Funds
✓ Specified Offerings
✓ Branded Entities
✓ Spousal Entities
✓ Private Placement Memorandums
✓ Hard Money Loan Funds
✓ Mortgage Funds
✓ Promissory Note Offerings

Corporate Structure and Investment Vehicles
✓ Legal entity formation (LLCs, Limited Partnerships)
✓ LLC Operating Agreements
✓ Limited Partnership Agreements
✓ Joint Venture Agreements
✓ Sponsor Operating Agreements
✓ Expert deal structuring advice
✓ Lump sum legal fees
✓ Joint Venture representation between you and Private Equity Funds/Family Offices
✓ Tenant in Common Agreements for 1031 Exchanges
✓ Non-disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements
✓ Promissory Notes (Fractional, Shared Appreciation, Straight Interest Notes)

Invitations to our Clients Only Weekly Syndication Masterminds
(Fridays at 12:00 ET/9:00 am PT)

Free Investor Marketing Plan Templates
– a $250 value

Free Investor Relations Blueprint
– a $250 value

Continuing legal support
included with each securities offering

Returning client discounts
on future offerings

Free Podcast
Raise Private Money Legally – available on 20 different podcast platforms – We record these live with Q&A once/month
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Our extensive website library
includes over 50 different articles, Syndication FAQs and our past Podcasts
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Youtube Channel
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Groundbreaker Investor Management Platform
Discounts off onboarding fees for our referrals
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Additionally, our Investor Marketing Materials division offers a variety of products at

1. Branding Kits
2. Company Brochures
3. Website Designs
4. Website Lead Magnets(to exchange for contact info)
5. Pitch Decks
6. Property Package Templates
7. Property Packages & Offering Memorandums
8. One Pagers or Executive Summaries
9. Educational Presentations to Grow Your Database
10. Investment Summaries (for a Fund or Blind Pool Offering)
11. Trade Show Exhibit Booth Design & Artwork

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