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Determining Investor Suitability for 506(b) Offerings

Navigating Private Lending Laws

Question: What laws apply if you are raising funds from private lenders to: a) fund your real estate investing or private lending business, or b) if you are loaning their funds to others? When Securities Laws Apply If you are borrowing or pooling funds from private...

Class B Catchup Distributions Explained

When you are syndicating a cash-flowing property, you must determine how you will distribute cash to your investors at various stages of your company. This is called a “waterfall”. At a minimum, you will need to determine the waterfall for cash flow derived from...

‘Accredited Investor’ Definition May be Changing

The SEC has issued proposed amendments to the definition of an Accredited Investor — but will it really help you raise money?  On Dec. 18th, 2019, the SEC issued proposed amendments to the definition of an Accredited Investor. If you read any financial or legal news...

How Should a Syndicate Manager Take Title to its Carried Interest?

Q. My syndicate is structured with 2 classes of Members. Class A is for cash-paying investors. Class B is reserved for management. If I am participating in management and earning Class B interests, how should I take title to them? A. There are tax reasons you may want...

Opportunity Zones for Syndicators

By now many taxpayers have heard about Opportunity Zones enacted under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017. As a quick recap, the objective of Opportunity Zones is to spur economic growth in underserved areas by providing tax incentives to investors in return for investing...


Is This Ad Legal?

An advertisement containing the following language was forwarded to me, with the question, “Is this ad legal?” 12+% AVERAGE CASHFLOW!! 82+% 5-YEAR...


Marketing Materials

Professional marketing materials can help you raise money faster and from higher net worth investors. We offer professionally written and designed...



How to Stay Enthusiastic All the Time

The following is a guest post from Vinney (Smile) Chopra, a seasoned multifamily investor, syndicator and educator: In multifamily investing, it...


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