Determining Investor Suitability for 506(b) Offerings

Opportunity Zones for Syndicators

By now many taxpayers have heard about Opportunity Zones enacted under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017. As a quick recap, the objective of Opportunity Zones is to spur economic growth in underserved areas by providing tax incentives to investors in return for investing...

What is a Fund of Funds?

A fund of funds is an investment vehicle that allows a syndicator to pool funds from a group of investors into a single company that invests in other companies. In order to pool other people’s money, you need two things: A company that can accept the investors’ funds,...

10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Real Estate Syndicator

Here’s a 10-step checklist on how to start a Real Estate Syndication: 1 - Select an asset class Figure out what asset class you want to buy (multifamily, shopping centers, hospitality, self-storage, development projects, single family residential, etc.). 2 - Obtain...


Is This Ad Legal?

An advertisement containing the following language was forwarded to me, with the question, “Is this ad legal?” 12+% AVERAGE CASHFLOW!! 82+% 5-YEAR...


Marketing Materials

Professional marketing materials can help you raise money faster and from higher net worth investors. We offer professionally written and designed...



How to Stay Enthusiastic All the Time

The following is a guest post from Vinney (Smile) Chopra, a seasoned multifamily investor, syndicator and educator: In multifamily investing, it...


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