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Syndication Attorneys, PLLC does more than Crowdfunding; (yes, we do Crowdfunding too). But our approach is different, we are creating a nationwide network of experienced attorneys (some with more than 20 years securities experience in such fields as real estate, business and technology startups), as well as international tax advisors. Our growing support staff includes attorneys, law clerks, paralegals, technical writers, graphic designers, administrators and a trusted network of service providers. 
Our Attorneys are versed in all aspects of the JOBS Act, including Regulation A+, Regulation D, Rule 506 (b&c), and Regulation Crowdfunding, as well as Regulation S (International) and public offerings. 
Our services are expanding. We can now serve our Client’s needs when dealing with international investors, provide investment vehicles for 1031 exchanges, and offering securities-related services to technology and small business startups, in addition to all types of real estate offerings. We introduce our clients to the services they need to help them succeed at every level in their business growth.

from your first $1M deal up to your first $100M fund

Our coordinated team can help you from your first $1M deal up to your first $100M fund. You find the investment opportunity; we can help you write your business plan, figure out how to share profits with investors, and what legal documents you need. We’ll form your entities, help you pick the right securities rules to follow, draft the appropriate documents, and do the required filings, all for a reasonable lump sum fee. We’ll provide the organizational documents your lenders need or represent you with private equity JV partners.

But we don’t stop there, we will give you advice on legal and effective marketing strategies for raising the money you need from private investors. Our network of affiliates can help you create your website and professionally designed marketing materials and we can introduce you to Crowdfunding companies who can help you raise the money.

We set the foundation so you can effectively raise the money, close the deal, and manage your company and your investors. Our goal is your success. We know we’ve achieved that when our clients come back a second, third or even 10th time, and they start closing more deals or buying bigger deals.

What’s Next?

We nurture our clients – many who have never done a deal before – into becoming educated, confident, and competent syndicators, deal sponsors, and investment managers. The first deal is hard – we know that – but it gets easier. The second deal is easier, the third is a cinch and the fourth will have investors waiting in line.

We can help you achieve your dreams, while you help your investors achieve theirs. We’ve watched the lifestyles of our returning clients improve as they’ve left their full time jobs, bought their dream homes and enjoyed more time and better quality of life with their families.

Our documents are written in plain English; once your investors have seen our documents, you won’t have trouble getting them to invest with you again as they will know what to expect and they will understand what they are getting into.

We get what you do, because we do it too. Our attorneys continue to educate themselves on the latest investment and marketing strategies by attending seminars, reading books, and staying abreast of the latest changes in the law. We teach at others’ events as well as our own. But we also practice what we teach as we invest in real estate income properties too.

We have coaches for our business, and you should too. All of our most successful clients have had coaches or mentors in the beginning of their syndication practice. Find the right real estate or business coach for your investment model, and let us be your legal and fundraising advisors.

Syndication Attorneys PLLC is more than a law firm; we help real estate investors create sustainable, successful investment companies. Will you be one of them?

Syndication Attorneys, PLLC Understands Our Niche Business Model

“Working with Syndication Attorneys has been great. They are very easy to communicate with, very efficient, and understand our very niche business model so the end results are on time and as expected. We will continue to work with Syndication Attorneys for our future securities offerings.”

Mario A. Dattilo

Motivated and Inspired

“Thank you, Kim, for delivering an information-packed three days to us all. The more of these events we attend, the more we discover “you don’t know what you don’t know.” In my conversations with other attendees, that is a common sentiment. At the same time, I find myself more motivated and inspired about all the different ways we can combine the program’s information to create our own special niche. I see more opportunity through refinement, not less. We look forward to not only seeing you again in the future but working with you on our deals.”

Giovanna Cracchiolo

‘Beyond Expectations’

Kim was very reachable throughout my process, which I needed—and continue to need. I have worked with Kim to syndicate my first multifamily property and she guided me through the process. Actually, at times, she reached beyond expectations to help me in my process, as she has experience in the multifamily industry as an owner as well. I feel she is more of a teammate, and I will benefit from her guidance as I move down my path. I would—and do—recommend Kim for real estate syndications, TICs, DSTs, etc.

Christopher Cashman

‘Best Insurance I Ever Purchased!’

Appreciate all your help, as always. Never thought things would end up where they are on this offering, but I’m very glad I had you prepare the syndication paperwork. Best insurance I ever purchased!!

Doug C.

Invaluable in All Aspects

I have had the chance to work with Kim Taylor and am very happy with her services and advice. She is easy to work with and has been invaluable in all aspects of my start-up. She has counseled me regarding syndication, documentation, website creation, deal structure, partnership, finding accredited investors and staying SEC-compliant when talking with potential investors.”

David Renaud

Kim Lisa Taylor

I wasn’t always an Attorney. Like many of my clients, I had a prior career; mine was as a professional geologist/environmental consultant. After 15 years, I decided it was time for a change and went to law school. When I got licensed in California in 2002, I practiced real estate and environmental law for awhile, and my husband and I started looking at real estate investing to create our nest egg.

My husband and I attended many multi-day real estate seminars and workshops taught by nationally known gurus including David Lindahl, Susan Lassiter Lyons, Scott Scheel, Robin Thompson, Eddie Speed, Dave Reynolds & Frank Rolfe, among others, and we became actively involved in several local real estate investment associations. We learned how to buy multi-family properties, mobile home parks, office buildings, retail shopping centers, self-storage, single family houses, real estate development projects and nonperforming notes.

While at a ReMentor event, I met my former law partner, Gene Trowbridge, in 2007 when he had a solo real estate securities law practice. Gene and I worked well together for over 8 years to build our real estate securities law practice into a nationally recognized firm. I became licensed in Florida in 2012. In spring of 2016, I became the founder and managing Attorney of a separate law firm, Syndication Attorneys, PLLC, whose sole purpose is to help entrepreneurs create sustainable, successful real estate investment companies.

In the course of my journey, I became a real estate investor too. I have been the managing partner in a high-end subdivision development joint venture on Lake Kewoee in South Carolina, a syndicator of an apartment complex in Columbus, Ohio, and have owned vacation rental properties in Cleveland and Saint Augustine, Florida.

I now regularly teach at real estate trading events ranging from 20 to 1,000 attendees. I have written the Amazon # 1 best-selling book “ How to Legally Raise Private Money” and host a successful podcast called “Raise Private Money Legally”.

Charlene Standridge

Charlene Standridge is Director of Business Development and Law Clerk for Syndication Attorneys, PLLC.  Charlene earned her law degree in 2016 from Concord Law School.  She has been with Syndication Attorneys, PLLC since its inception and is an invaluable client resource and staff member. Charlene is very knowledgeable about the products and services the firm offers and is great at helping prospective clients identify their specific needs and offering solutions that make sense for them.

Currently she provides direct support for the managing attorney, conducts initial consultation with clients for evaluation, organizes and maintains electronic case files, conducts legal research, assists with any necessary documents for clients, and files documents with Federal and State securities regulatory agencies.

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