What Our Customers Say About Us

‘Beyond Expectations’

Kim was very reachable throughout my process, which I needed—and continue to need. I have worked with Kim to syndicate my first multifamily property and she guided me through the process. Actually, at times, she reached beyond expectations to help me in my process, as she has experience in the multifamily industry as an owner as well. I feel she is more of a teammate, and I will benefit from her guidance as I move down my path. I would—and do—recommend Kim for real estate syndications, TICs, DSTs, etc.

Christopher Cashman

Invaluable in All Aspects

I have had the chance to work with Kim Taylor and am very happy with her services and advice. She is easy to work with and has been invaluable in all aspects of my start-up. She has counseled me regarding syndication, documentation, website creation, deal structure, partnership, finding accredited investors and staying SEC-compliant when talking with potential investors.

David Renaud

Thorough, Thoughtful, Helpful

I have known Kim for a number of years and have been contracting her services since last year. Her expertise in multifamily real estate is superb. She makes herself available; she is thorough, thoughtful and helpful. I am once again engaging her services in my current multifamily real estate transaction. I highly recommend Kim to a potential real estate investor.

Dmitry Kremer

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Excellent Syndication Attorney

I have worked with Kim on several very complex syndications for commercial real estate acquisitions. She is very thorough and stays on top of tight deadlines. I highly recommend her for any syndication transactions.

Karen B.

what others say testimonials kim lisa taylor syndication attorneys

Great Job: 6 Stars

Kim did a great job setting up our Fund. If there were 6 stars, we would give her 6 stars!

Rob Helmick

Kim is Far Superior

Kim has been our syndication attorney on around 10 of our projects. She has always done a great job, timely, professional, knowledgeable and works with us to structure the syndication to accommodate the complexities of both our direct investors and private equity partners. We have used other syndication lawyers in the past and Kim is far superior. We can highly recommend her.

Daniel C.

Successful Raise

Kim has been our attorney for a couple years now and has done a great job in helping us navigate the SEC rules and regulations. Her efforts helped us to successfully raise $2.0M for a recent acquisition.

Daniel W.

The Best Syndication Lawyer Who Has Helped Us For 8 Years

I am a Sponsor for Multifamily Investments. I came to know Kim Taylor about 8 years back. She has been helping my company in putting together the very best complete professional Syndication packets including PPM, Subscription Agreements, Operating Agreement along with forming the right entities for Acquisitions.
I owe a lot of my success to her professionalism, experience, promptness and counsel over all these years. I just love the fact that she is so reachable and never rushed in our meetings. I have appreciated her sending very timely articles that she put together or from research.
She is a great person and one should hire her to get the job done correctly and on time.

Vinod C.