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We don’t believe in simply taking your money, handing you a stack of technical, often-incomprehensible legal documents and then bidding you good luck and good-bye. At Syndication Attorneys PLLC, we are committed to your success – not just with the project at hand, but your continuing success in business and investing. We are your long-term legal team.



Robert Diaz

The team at Syndication Attorney’s is great to work with. I consider them a great partner that helps us work smarter. They provide excellent guidance on a timely basis and are great to work with.

Aaron Yassin

Syndication Attorneys, PLLC are highly knowledgeable on all the legal requirements for syndicating real estate deals. If you need help putting your legal structure and PPM together they will check every box to make sure it’s done right.

Carlos Mesquita

amazing level of experience and knowledge. There is nothing that Mola and Kim do not know about real estate syndication.

David Guarino

The folks at Syndication Attorneys did an excellent and very timely job for us with a recent raise. We had tried using another source for our filings, but it was quite messy and inconvenient. Nothing comes close to working with Kim and her team!

DJ Smith

Kim and her team were quick to jump on our project and very knowledgeable. She has spent years preparing content and is loaded with templates and articles that she shares. Great process!

Ben Soodsma

Very worthwhile. I was pleasantly surprised.

sachin maskey

This was first time i met Attorney Kim and was very impressed by her depth of knowledge . She was to the point and got all the information i needed for the syndication world. I am excited and looking forward to working with her

Bernard Pierson

Kim shared lots of knowledge. They are experts at syndications and will offer great value beyond syndication. Great resource for the whole process.

Michael Evans

I had a great consultation and I look forward to speaking more with them about moving forward.

Silverthread Capital

Wow. What a great value add to my thinking and my business planning!! Thank you for your time and advice about planning my real estate fund.

Dante T

Great introductory call with Mola. Its work making the call. She will demonstrate the knowledge she has right there.

Mike Scarff

Syndication Attorney’s Masterminds meeting was great! Very good networking meeting with minded Syndicators who share their best practices and ideas for marketing to new Investors. More participants will make it even better. Thanks Kim!

Leon Stenneth

Was very excited to join the meeting with Syndication Attorneys and it was truly a great meeting where I got all my questions answered and also learned a lot. They are genuinely in the business of helping people to become successful in real estate syndication and it felt good to be talking to Kim Lisa directly. Highly recommended and 10 stars from me.

David Braylark

Syndication Attorneys has played a pivotal role in helping our business structure our syndication deals. They have a very knowledgable staff and we look forward to working with them more in the future.

Shawna Beamer

Knowledgeable and professional, Lisa Kim Taylor, Esq. was kind and helpful. Will definitely recommend her services!

Sanjay Hegde

Kim takes her time to explain the process and gives sound advice on what services is best done by ourselves to save money and what services are best done through her. She is very supportive and tries her best to help in every way possible. Her book “How to Legally Raise Private Money” is well written and easy to understand.

Rocio Cruz

My consultation was very informative. From my basic questions to large scale investing, I never felt overwhelmed or rushed. My questions were answered and I was given feedback as where more information can be found through the site! Definitely coming back

Chad R

Kim Lisa Taylor is very knowledgeable and resourceful. Time well spent.

Scott Matthews

I’ve interviewed around 10 syndication attorneys. I can honestly say Kim Lisa Taylor is the most knowledgeable attorney I’ve met and also the most giving of her time. I understand why so many people in my group of syndicators have recommended her to me for months. It’s a shame I took more than a day to reach out to her. 5 stars isn’t good enough for her. She will make you feel confident in your next raise because you will know it’s being done legally and with the right structure for your project, and that’s worth at least 10 stars if you’ve never done this before (like myself).

Katherine Sumrall Griego

Kim did a great job servicing the conversation and providing perspective and resources. Highly recommend scheduling a call with her and her team.

S Franco

Kim Lisa Taylor and her team at Syndicated Attorneys PLLC are fabulous! They have helped us in our project with the Syndication formation every step of the way. They always go the extra mile every time we need assistance or questions answered. Very knowledgeable team. Highly recommended! Sandra Franco, Tri Diamond Property Investments LLC

kevin korntved

Great information!

Emeka A

I recently completed a very informative and educational read in “How to Legally Raise Private Money” written by Kim Lisa Taylor.
It is the single most comprehensive information on Real Estate Syndication compiled in an easy to read and understand book.

I reached out to Syndication Attorneys, PLLC through their website and was able to schedule a discovery call by engaging with the chat agent right away.
I am impressed with how seamless it was to schedule an appointment and ultimately was extremely satisfied with the information that Kim shared with me in a 1:1 virtual meeting.
It is clear that Lisa is an expert in all things RE Syndication and she was able to offer immediate suggestions and insights on my venture.
I highly recommend Syndication Attorneys for those who have decided that RE Syndication is your path.

Brady B

Kim and Mola are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, great for those who are ready to make the jump and syndicate their next real estate deals

richard smail

Kim communicated the subject matter with clarity and made me feel very comfortable with a topic I am just beginning to get comfortable with.

John Jacobus

I met with Mola for a consultation and received good value. During our conversation, Mola was inquisitive and thoughtful in her counsel. She helped me think through my options and consider key risks. The session helped me refine my approach to a project in a way that limited our exposure.

Luis M. Portugal

It has been a very pleasant experience working with the Syndication Lawyers, who are very easy to access, respond quickly and have a lot of experience in the Syndication field !!! They are professional lawyers who know what they do, I would definitely work with them again on future projects.

Jake Durtschi

I have used Syndication Attorneys for a couple of deals now. They have consistently provided really good advice. They are very specialized in what they do. They are no nonsense. They just get it done and get it done right. The work they specifically provided for me is syndication work on multifamily construction and multifamily acquisition. They have done a great job for me.

Vladimir Prevot

Had a great call with Mola who did a great job explaining to my partners and I how the formation of our company would look relative to the business we are going into.

Patrick Carleton

Kim is without a doubt a very talented and experienced professional in the real estate investing market. Her experience is invaluable. Her book is an excellent resource for getting started and the basics of raising capital for real estate financing. I am definitely looking forward to continuing to work with her.

Jean Porto

Kim offered a complimentary 30 min consultation that I took advantage of. She was very generous with her time and the information she shared with me. I walked away from the call with much more information than I had anticipated. Thank you Kim!

Sonja Price

This free call was incredibly information. I can tell that Syndication Attorneys really cares for their clients. No pressure to move forward, just solid info to help me consider the best solution for me.

Jennifer Hoover

Kim was great, and very quickly understood our needs. She offered useful, specific, and targeted advice. Kim was really insightful, and was able to break things down to exactly what we need for what we are doing. Definitely recommend.

Dyami Myers-Taylor

Kim is great! She’s done an outstanding job every time I’ve worked with her over the years. Having done 300+ syndication offerings she is more knowledgeable than other securities attorneys I’ve interviewed and hired, straight to the point, and has practical ongoing first hand experience seeing what’s working and not working with different operators raising capital and the various entity and capital structures. Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced syndicator or operator and want deep securities and deal structuring expertise you’re in good hands.

Dakota Harwell

This business is BIG TIME. If you need legal docs for a syndication, go ahead and hire Syndication Attorneys today! I’m being serious, they created HIGH QUALITY legal docs and gave me EVERYTHING I needed to move forward. Plus, they move FAST and the team is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend!

Peter Driscoll

Kim is a great lawyer to deal with – has great knowledge of her subject matter and is very easy to talk to. She also has a great network of people she has willingly shared with me and helped me move my business forward.

Matthew Ma (San Francisco Real Estate)

Kim and the Syndication Attorney team is amazing. They provide a breath of fresh air and knowledge in the syndication world. You can tell their passion and expertise for real estate investments, legal fund structures, and ability to clearly communicate with us the sponsors.

They work hard to ensure every detail is met, well thought out, and help educate you on creating a successful business and fund.

We’re so glad to have them as a part of our investment legal team, and look forward to many years of success together.

Efrain Rosario

Even though I am not ready to come aboard with her firm right now, Kim Taylor was very informative and helpful, guiding me to exactly the strategy I should implement now, providing useful information and referring me to other professionals that can assist me in obtaining my goals.

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Thanks for taking time to leave us a review. We’re happy to help and we hope the information helps you move forward with your business.

Erika Shannon

Kim Lisa Taylor was very helpful and knowledgeable about the Rules of Accreditation. Her support allowed me to become more informed as an accredited investor. I also really like how her firm is focused on Client Education as evidenced by her book “How to Legally Raise Private Money” and the client education resources available on her website.

Germano Gomez

My partner and had a consultation for our first apartment syndication. The attorney was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. She answered all of our questions and provided additional resources in a professional manner. We were definitely impressed.

Chris Pomerleau

I utilize and trust Kim and her entire team at Syndication Attorneys for all of my SEC-compliant investments! Very reasonably priced, very easy to get a hold of, extremely knowledgeable, and a thought leader in the field. Thanks Kim and the entire team!

Matt Bourgery

Thank you for your book, “How to Legally Raise Private Money”. It is full of a lot of great information, is comprehensive, easy to understand and covers more subject matter than anticipated.

Joseph Wilson

A true thought leader in this field.

Rich Porter

You have made reading, learning and mastering syndication a joy. The system you have created is easy, optimal, and cost effective to do it right the first time.

Thank you. I’ve enjoyed reading, “How To Raise Capital for Real Estate Legally.” Your bonus material and website articles also help me get the importance of hiring you and your team as my syndication team.

Chris Cashman

Always a joy using our Syndication teammates in our real estate deals. They do a great job and were able to work with our tight schedule. Much thanks to all of you!! …More

Rick Clark

I downloaded the free ebook and after reading different sections I went ahead and purchased the book on Amazon. Kim does a great job covering Real Estate Syndication’s. She went in depth into the subject matter and covered a lot of detail I haven’t found elsewhere. Believe me I’ve bought all the books and there’s more here than you realize.

Clint Collins

We had tried other services and attorneys with real estate experience but as soon as we talked with this team we knew we were working with specialists. They know it all when it comes to syndication. Their resources and experience are game changing. Highly recommend.

Yan Yan

Kim gave me a clear suggestion about what’s the best model for my situation

Everett Stonebraker

Kim Lisa Taylor provides creative, professional advice. She’s available to discuss issues and answer questions when needed.

John Crouch

I have worked with Kim and her team on a few deals. The work product is always top notch, and I always walk away from our interactions with more knowledge than I started. Kim adds tremendous value to the legal side of our business and beyond.

Jean & Cathy

Why do I have to fill in so much information into the survey so an app can schedule a 30 minute call which leads to a person to tell me, in 3 minutes, “we are a solution looking for a problem, but not your problem, not a match”. Why can’t the CRM lead source app do a better job to screen requests then tell user not a match, instead of keeping a waste of time appointment for 2 people?

Steve Knowles

At a real estate seminar recently I heard Attorney Kim Lisa Taylor give several excellent, comprehensive presentations regarding the legal side of real estate syndication. It’s a serious complicated business but Ms. Taylor made it easy to understand and easy to hear. She even made it fun at times. If you ever have an opportunity to hear Kim Lisa Taylor speak on the legalities of real estate syndication, be sure to attend. You’ll be glad you did…now…and later.

Matt Zolofra

she is very knowledgeable and helpful.had a great conversation with her.i look forward to doing business with her in the future

Gregory Flower

This was a very informative, professionally run and full of fantastic opinions of the multifamily Atmosphere both here in Florida and rest of the nation. We look forward to more in the future.
Thank you to all involved.

Dave Renaud

Kim is always a great source of reliable real estate and legal information. Her webinars have top notch guests and pertinent information.

Alina Trigub

Kim provides outstanding value through her webinars. Always great content and interesting speakers. Highly recommend!

Keith Macartney

No nonsense, no bull, just the unadulterated truth. In a world where telling the truth is not within our society it is refreshing to actually hear what is happening within the lending world. Not that I liked what I heard, but totally understand what is happening in this Covad-19 climate, the reasoning behind what is happening and what to expect in the immediate future.

Marty LeVasseur

I couldn’t help admiring the practicality of the webinar, how both presenters touched on current topics and methodology so well. I’ve decided to look closer at Lindall’s approach. This old dog is always willing to learn a few new tricks.

Linda Bush

Very concise, practical information for real estate investors looking to take their business to a higher level. Kim Lisa Taylor covers not just legal issues involved, but marketing and investor relations strategies as well.

Alap Desai

Very knowledgeable, informative, and easy to understand for all levels! Would highly recommend.

Thomas Caruthers

WWhat a terrific Teleseminar! Kim and the guys from the Citadel Group, painted a very clear picture on what it takes to succeed in real estate syndication.
There are a lot of moving parts to this and they addressed most of them, including addressing issues I hadn’t thought of.
Great job. I now have the information I need to make a plan.
Thanks again,
Tom Caruthers

Michael Foley

Loved the seminar today. I thought the speaker, Jeff was great. He had a ton of useful information that was beneficial to a seasoned investor like myself and he did a great job of reminding all the listeners of the importance of not skimping on insurance and making sure you are properly insured for some of things that can and do go wrong in running a business or owning property.

Gannon Coffman

Lisa and her team always provide a tremendous amount of value. They are truly a one stop shop.

Chris Berg (Kirkwood Realty)

This ebook has given our team the confidence to move forward with our investment needs!

Jackson Peyton

Dear Syndication Attorneys

Thank you for your excellent website. I’ve learned much from the articles posted there about marketing and about staying compliant with SEC regulations. Kim Taylor’s videos are also excellent resources. Your generosity in sharing these materials is very much appreciated.


Jackson P.

Bruce Whiteaker

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Kim is a specialist in our area of interest and is both clear and competent. Excellent information.

Bill W

Anyone contemplating or already raising capital would greatly benefit by checking out the recently updated website. It is amazing and provides an incredible amount of resources.
I’ve watched their tele seminars, read the recently released book and spoken to both Kim Lisa and Charlene. I highly recommend them!

Ian Harrison

Syndication Attorneys website is a fantastic source of concise and well structured information that has obviously be written by people with genuine experience. The follow up call was equally useful. We look forward to doing business with the team.

Brenda Adamson-Cothran

The book, “How to Legally Raise Private Money”, by Kim Lisa Taylor is a wonderful resource. The layout is brilliant; it spells out learning objectives and is chock full of relevant & ‘in the trenches’ deal structuring while raising private funds.

Gene Chandler

I thought your podcast was really good and well done. Your guests had a lot to say in that short of time and had good answers for all the questions. My only negative was the sound. That was a bit distracting.

Matthew Canning

Kim is incredibly knowledgable and a fantastic communicator.

Bernard Willimann

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Kim was very helpful and generous with her time!

Charles Mohacsi

Thanks, It was very informative and has given me some fund raising ideas.

Pink Palace Properties

We had the initial intro discussion with Syndication Attorneys. It was very informative, especially for first time syndicators. After having read multiple syndication books, the process and order of steps of raising money were unclear which Charlene helped clarify.

Irene Azkue

I attended one of Kim Taylor’s presentations and she was fantastic! Truly knowledgeable and engaging. I learned a lot and look forward to working with her when syndicating my deals.

Shawn Taylor

Initial consultation was great, answered all my questions and then some.

Patricia Clary

I was very impressed. Went in to detail on what to do and how to handle a situation. Gave me back confidence.

K Jenkins

Great information. Thanks for doing the teleseminar. Your guest addressed a few questions that I had.

Mano Chidambaram

Great useable info. Thanks for sharing

charles Mohacsi

I enjoyed the interview/podcast. Unfortunately, The JOB got in the way. A repeat would be really helpful. Thanks

DANIEL Woodford

Syndication Attorneys has done my syndication work for several years now and I have found Kim and her staff to be very thorough and professional. I highly recommend their firm.

Scott Hansen

Understanding all of the complexities involved with real estate syndication is a daunting task. Kim has the talent and willingness to share her knowledge in order to bring clarity to a seemingly complicated subject.

Vahe Ohannessian

Very knowledgeable about SEC regulations and able to clearly explain implications of various scenarios in borrowing and lending in Real Estate, and when exemptions do and do not apply.

Katrina Jonah

I attended one of the presentations. It was very informative, and they will be the first place that I turn for my syndication.


Great book on raising private money!!! Don’t try to raise private money unless you read this book FIRST!!!

Jay Chen

Helpful education materials and good advices!

David Simon

jake and gino meet up was informative,

chris cashman

Syndication Attorneys has been a fabulous teammate and partner to my real estate business over the past 4 years I have been working with them. they are extremely up to date regarding all things I have needed in my business from structuring new LLC’s, TIC’s, DST’s, and all my syndication’s and the complexities that go along with each deal structure, as they all differ to some degree. They are easy to work with and quick to turn around my docs as I’m usually in a rush. I enjoy working with them and learning from them as I grow my business. I would highly recommend them.

Thomas Lorenson

Kim Lisa Taylor and her entire team at Syndication Attorneys are simply phenomenal.

As a new Syndicator of both a Home Rennovation Fund, and a 40 Unit multifamily complex their team has been instrumental in our success!

Both responsive, and deeply knowledgeable, I could not ask for better legal counsel. I highly recommend Kim’s services to anyone interested in succeeding as a Syndicator no matter their experience level.

Ravash Ram

Great syndication resource.