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Who Better Than an Expert to Present at Your Event?

Having made corporate securities law her primary focus since 2008, Kim is well qualified and highly sought after as a teacher and presenter at events as well as smaller gatherings of investors who want to learn more about syndication.

She regularly presents educational programs and conducts training at entrepreneur, real estate investing and crowdfunding conferences to help investors understand the complexities involved in raising private money and to keep them on the right side of the law.

She has taught groups of all sizes and experience levels how to structure offerings with private investors and how to legally advertise (crowdfund) their offerings.

In addition, she has received accolades as not only a knowledgeable guest on industry podcasts, but a helpful, welcoming and highly approachable expert as well.

Areas of Kim’s expertise & presentation topics

  • Legally raising money from private investors
  • Blind pools and other types of syndicates
  • The JOBS Act, crowdfunding and advertising for investors
  • Writing effective investment summaries for investors
  • Different means of taking title to investment real estate
  • Selecting the proper securities exemption
  • Setting up a hard money loan fund
  • Using other people’s money and self-directed IRAs to fund real estate transactions
  • Including foreign investors in a U.S. securities offering
  • Structuring group investments for multifamily and commercial real estate transactions
  • Structuring group investments for hard money lenders