How to Legally Raise Private Money with MC Laubscher

In this episode of the podcast “Cashflow Ninja,” host MC Laubscher interviews Kim Lisa Taylor about “How to Legally Raise Private Money,” which also is the subject of Kim’s best-selling book on Amazon. As Laubscher notes, this is an essential topic...

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7 Rules for Real Estate Investing with Nick Raithel

Raising money for real estate deals, or just considering it? Either way, this episode of “7 Rules For Real Estate Investing," hosted by Nick Raithel, is for you. Nick's guest, Kim Lisa Taylor of Syndication Attorneys PLLC, gives an in-depth look at...

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The ABCs of Multifamily Syndication with Bill Manaserro

If you are planning to purchase multifamily properties - especially larger ones - you no doubt will want to consider syndication as a means to financing them. Often, the investor knows little about what syndication even is - or what it involves. In...

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