Regulation D Offerings

No surprises. Our reasonably priced, lump-sum Regulation D offerings are more than just bare bones. Our syndication and fund offering packages are completely customized and include Form D and Blue Sky Filings.

Who Needs a Regulation D Offering?

Need to raise capital? If you don’t do it legally, you could face regulatory enforcement actions or investor lawsuits. You could be prohibited from ever raising money again, forced to pay fines, or maybe even go to jail.

Regulation D allows you the opportunity to raise all the money you need, legally under an SEC exemption from registration. You don’t need regulatory approval to raise capital or sell securities under the Regulation D exemption.

Regulation D has two popular options:

Rule 506(b): allows you to raise money from sophisticated family and friends.

Rule 506(c): allows you to advertise but limits you to accredited investors. 

Business Owners, Real Estate Entrepreneurs, And Fund Managers Trust Syndication Attorneys To Help Them Get Their Deals Funded

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Paul BeatonPaul Beaton
19:04 12 Jul 24
Mola was very knowledgeable.
Martin TurnerMartin Turner
18:58 13 May 24
Excellent Service. I really enjoy talking with Krisha. She's super encouraging and very inciteful. Mola and Kim are knowledgeable and personable as well. This will be a benefit to my business
Phil GeorgesPhil Georges
19:03 08 May 24
Kim L. Taylor is great & easy to work with
Jim GuarinoJim Guarino
16:33 27 Feb 24
Kim and her team are wonderful. They know their business and they take excellent care of clients!
Barry HartmanBarry Hartman
20:56 13 Feb 24
Krisha Young was very informative and direct. She provided all the information I needed to make an educated decision
Jeff FlynnJeff Flynn
11:32 09 Feb 24
Excellent insights into syndication, no one should go into these complicated waters without the expert guidance that Syndication Attorneys, PLLC can give. This is a must in every real estate syndication transaction.
Andrew NieldAndrew Nield
21:59 24 Jan 24
Krisha had a lot of knowledge and really answered a lot of questions to get me pointed in the right direction.
Brandon HepplerBrandon Heppler
20:38 22 Jan 24
Krisha was so helpful and answered all our questions on the intro call. She got us pointed in the right direction and made it easy!
Susy GascaSusy Gasca
01:20 10 Jan 24
We had a 30-minute discovery call, and it was so insightful! We enjoyed all the attention to detail and thorough information we received. Syndication Attorneys is amazing!
Luis M. PortugalLuis M. Portugal
00:28 04 Jan 24
It has been a very pleasant experience working with the Syndication Lawyers, who are very easy to access, respond quickly and have a lot of experience in the Syndication field !!! They are professional lawyers who know what they do, I would definitely work with them again on future projects.
Martin LewisMartin Lewis
21:21 19 Dec 23
Love speaking with Krisha. She explained everything well and got me to see the value right away and answered all my questions
Kev TKev T
18:46 01 Dec 23
Kim is the best! So much knowledge in this area
Kanwaljit DhunnaKanwaljit Dhunna
18:54 26 Oct 23
Rich PorterRich Porter
10:48 26 Oct 23
Krisha presented the tools and education professionally and generously. The quote from her that turned into a mission type statement for me to remember Syn-Attorneys by is "We help create a strong deal that investors really want to get in." That's my type of Attorney. I look forward to working with that type of space. Thank you.
Messiah Alive NetworkMessiah Alive Network
20:16 17 Oct 23
Great answers to my questions, looking forward to working with you very soon.
Jerry IpsenJerry Ipsen
19:51 05 Sep 23
Today, I had the opportunity to speak with Kim Taylor who very pleasantly answered all my questions regarding the due diligence process. I would recommend Ms. Taylor with her vast knowledge to anyone who is interested in setting up a real estate syndicate.
Tyler MoynihanTyler Moynihan
22:36 23 Aug 23
Kim is a treasure of knowledge regarding real estate syndication law and regulations. She is also very patient in explaining complex topics. We had a great experience with Kim and I recommend her to others
Duke DennisDuke Dennis
15:24 22 Aug 23
Syndication Attorneys made the process a breeze. I was put in contact with a specialist within an hour and had a free consultation.
Janna ArmstrongJanna Armstrong
01:56 18 Aug 23
I have known Kim Lisa Taylor for a couple of years but haven't really spoken to her until now. She provided really good guidance in what I should do and who to contact for my CRE investment needs. She was informative and helpful.
John JarrellJohn Jarrell
16:45 16 Aug 23
Saint AnthonySaint Anthony
02:06 10 Aug 23
Very informative
Debra LavezzariDebra Lavezzari
14:00 28 Jul 23
Kim, Is very curteous, Knowledgeable, provides honest, factual and direct answers. She does not judge.
David PupoDavid Pupo
19:51 25 Jul 23
Was such a great experience speaking with Kim and Krisha on an upcoming project we’re looking to purchase. They were very helpful and knowledgeable . I see why others have recommended working with them!
Jonathan PearsonJonathan Pearson
16:30 20 Jul 23
Syndication Attorneys is a very focused group with distinct personal caring for the client and potential clients.
chris cashmanchris cashman
22:05 17 Jul 23
Syndication Attorneys has been a fabulous teammate and partner to my real estate business over the past 7 years I have been working with them. they are extremely up to date regarding all things I have needed in my business from structuring new LLC's, TIC's, DST's, and all my syndication's and the complexities that go along with each deal structure, as they all differ to some degree. They are easy to work with and quick to turn around my docs as I'm usually in a rush. I enjoy working with them and learning from them as I grow my business. I would highly recommend them.
David BorreroDavid Borrero
19:34 22 May 23
Mola was extremely knowledgeable. She and her team at Syndication Attorneys will prove to be an asset to any syndication project. Her understanding of the legal requirements and practical advice make her help extremely valuable. Highly recommend.
I thought your book was terrific, and my only criticism regards how I could not find any discussion regarding the new JOBS Act broker-dealer exemption found in Section 4(c)(1) of the Securities Act.You write: "In a Regulation D, Rule 506 securities offering, an issuer may sell his or her own securities in any state without: a) registering the securities offering, or b) being registered with the SEC or any state as a broker-dealer. Anyone else who is compensated for selling securities on behalf of the issuer is not exempt from registration."I would have like to have seen more discussion of Rule 3a4-1 under the Exchange Act addressing the issuer exemption, and then, a "c)" in connection with the above-quoted passage that discusses the JOBS Act exemption I referred to above.Other than these minor quibbles, I really admire this work as I think that it does a good job of giving basic information to people about the syndication process. As a syndication attorney myself, I admire anyone who can do that in a way that clients can understand.
Janatha WithanachchiJanatha Withanachchi
12:10 11 Apr 23
Kim is the absolute authority when it comes to syndications. If you are raising capital for real estate then you MUST join her FB group to learn the legalities. She is knowledgeable, smart and is willing to help. Highly recommend this consummate professional.
03:35 25 Feb 23
Excellent help in getting started with a project I am looking at starting and growing over the next several years. Highly recommend having a conversation with them as a way to maximize your business efficiencies.
bobby sharmabobby sharma
18:13 08 Feb 23
Kim Lisa Taylor, Michael Fugler and the whole team at Syndication Attorney's has been a pleasure to work with. Not only did they help me with my PPM but also getting a lot of value from the master mind group that Kim organizes for her clients.
Apex Rental 1 LLCApex Rental 1 LLC
18:11 08 Feb 23
I have been joining the mastermind for couple months now. I think it is a great way to connect. Kim is great!
Hugo UrbinaHugo Urbina
16:33 06 Feb 23
I reached out to syndication attorneys and they were super helpful right from the start. We had a courtesy call to discuss my particular need for a syndication structure and Mola Bosland was super patient and helpful to help me understand the best option for my offering.
Hans RommerswinkelHans Rommerswinkel
20:49 31 Jan 23
My business partner Burt and I had a free consultation call with Kim Lisa Taylor, Esq. today. It was an extremely valuable call. We learned a great deal about things we should be doing immediately and what things we could wait on for a short time. Kim's knowledge is tremendous and she has a gift for simplifying concepts to help you easily understand them. We have decided to move forward with a pre-syndication retainer package to get even more value from Kim and her team. Kim is an incredible asset to anyone looking to create syndications the right way.
21:11 14 Dec 22
Fantastic experience. I spoke with attorney Mola for a 30-minute discovery call because I am interviewing SEC attorneys to assist with our Multifamily investments.I did not have great experiences prior to finding Mola and her firm. One attorney required I reserve time on her website and pay a $550 fee to have this initial discussion. Another attorney offered a free initial “consultation,” but it was limited to 15 minutes, and it was more of a sales call than a consultation - an unfortunate waste of my time.Mola is an attorney and gave me helpful information and explanations easily worth thousands of dollars in attorney advice and counsel. I am an attorney in another field of law and would readily recommend Mola Bosland and the Syndication Attorneys team.
Todd SchowengerdtTodd Schowengerdt
18:32 02 Dec 22
Kim always provides great value and insight every time we connect. I highly recommend her and her team.
Julie BergeronJulie Bergeron
15:02 14 Oct 22
I spoke with Mola about a development project we are working on and she was able to answer all of the questions I had AND provide me with additional information I did not know I needed. I work with a lot of investors who work with this company, and they all highly recommend Kim and her team.

Here’s How We Can Help You

Our lump sum syndication and fund offering packages include customized Private Placement Memorandums, subscription and operating agreements, securities notice filings, unlimited communications, and more to get you legally compliant and raising capital as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Regulation D Offering?

Basically, a Regulation D Offering is a pile of paperwork prepared by your securities attorney that describes your investment opportunity. It describes what you are investing in, who is involved in management, and how it will generate a profit that can be shared with investors. It also describes how investors and management will earn money, and what has to happen before investors get their original investment dollars back.

What is the purpose of a Regulation D Offering?

The purpose of a Regulation D Offering is to inform your investors about the investment opportunity and members of the management team, and the risks of investing. It describes management’s previous track record with similar investments (if any). It’s specifically designed to give your investors all of the information they need to make informed consent before they make their investment decision. 

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