Our legal team can help you from your first $500K deal up to your first $100M fund

You find the investment opportunity; we can help you write your business plan, figure out how to share profits with investors, and what legal documents you need. We’ll form your entities, help you pick the right securities rules to follow, draft the appropriate documents, do the required filings, all for a reasonable lump sum fee, and we can create investor marketing materials, too. 

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Starting A Real Estate Syndication?

Syndication doesn’t have to be hard. If you decide to engage us after a free initial consultation, here’s our process:

During your initial strategy call, we will help you with all the different choices a syndicator has to make. We’ll help figure out which securities exemption to choose, what documents you’ll need, and we’ll help you structure your deal with investors.

Next, our experienced team will draft quality legal documents in plain English that you and your investors will understand. Have marketing materials? We’ll review those, too. We will keep your syndication moving until you have final docs in hand that you can be proud to show investors.

You’ll have unlimited access to our entire team via email or phone every step of the way. When you close your deal with investors, we’ll do required securities notice filings. All you have to do is raise the money and close your deal.

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Thinking About A Fund?

Wondering if a fund is the right business model for you? Let us help you make your decision during our free initial consultation.

If you decide to have us create one for you after our initial consultation, we’ll schedule a strategy call where we will help you make choices about:

  • Which securities exemption to use
  • Whether to use a whole fund model or a deal-by-deal fund model
  • Should you use capital calls and commitments or raise money as you go
  • Whether to use truing up provisions for late-coming investors
  • How long to keep your fund open
  • How much to raise for your fund
  • What marketing materials you will need to promote your fund

Our experienced legal and marketing teams can help position your fund for the best possible outcome.

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