Real Estate Investor Management Platform


Syndication Attorneys referrals receive 50% off onboarding fees

For syndicators who want to win investor confidence and eliminate the headaches of capital raising, Groundbreaker provides a simple yet sophisticated presentation layer and set of tools to close your deal on time every time. From billions of capital raised over thousands of syndications, we empower deal sponsors to focus on getting deals done and delighting investors deal after deal.

Electronic Transfers

Groundbreaker allows you to collect investor contributions electronically – no more waiting for checks, running to the bank, or checking for wires.

  • Collect equity contributions and send distributions electronically with only a few clicks
  • Automatically calculate investor distribution allocations and send payments by ACH
  • Reduce banking costs

Investor Management

Publish offering documents and deal terms to investors to review offerings, complete subscription agreements and fund investments while Groundbreaker tracks engagement.

  • Leverage a rich database of investor information
  • Automate the investment process
  • Track investor actions as they progress through an investment

Modern Investor Portal

Groundbreaker provides an institutional grade reporting platform that sophisticated investors have come to expect from quality deal sponsors.

  • Cloud storage for general, tax, marketing and legal documents
  • Enable investors to self-service their account while strengthening your brand

Stomp Capital raised $4M in equity from 40 LPs on Groundbreaker.
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Groundbreaker drives value specific to your sized business

Time to value

Groundbreaker’s dedicated onboarding specialist gets you up and running in days not weeks.

Competitively priced

Why pay 5x more for solutions with features you don’t need?

Impress Your Investors

Syndication Attorneys referrals receive 50% off onboarding fees.
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