Thank you!

How to be an A-List Client

Thank you for signing a fee agreement. In order to have the best experience working with us, please review the following checklist:
1. Why do you want to be an A-list client?
Our A-List clients have the best working experience with us and maintain a good working relationship with a vital member of their syndication team. Read on to see how you can be one of our AList clients.
2. Trust Our Experience
We have vast experience doing securities offerings and we know what it takes to get your offerings done as efficiently as possible. If you follow these simple guidelines, you can be an A-List Client.
2. Recognize the Value of Our Services
Don’t complain about the price. We have done this hundreds of times and we know what it takes to get your work done. We do it as efficiently as possible for a low price that allows us to be profitable so we can stay in business and keep providing great service for our loyal clients for years to come. If you wish to finance your offering, we do accept credit card payments.
4. Be Nice
We all want to have a pleasant experience and we know that your tensions rise as you approach your closing deadlines, but we are people and we have other clients with deadlines too. We all do our best to get your documents done as quickly as humanly possible. Don’t forget to be polite, and don’t make unreasonable demands, as none of that will help you get your documents done
any sooner.
5. Don’t Wait Too Long to Engage Us
We understand it is a balancing act to determine when you are going forward with a deal and when to hire us and pay our up-front fees. The time to hire us for a syndicate is when you have reviewed the last 2 years income and expense statements; you have a signed purchase agreement, and someone from your team has physically been to the site. If you wait until you are done with due diligence, it will be too late for you to raise the money. We offer a 20% Rush Fee if you wish to be placed ahead of other clients. Our staff participates in these fees which gives them the incentive to work on your project nights and weekends.
6. Read Emails from Each of Our Staff
Each one contains important information and requests for things we need from you to proceed with your offering documents or filings. Failure to respond to our requests will stall your project. You can unsubscribe from our marketing emails anytime, but DO NOT unsubscribe from project or one-to-one emails or we will not be able to communicate with you about your offering.
7. Provide Prompt Written Comments on the Documents We Draft
For all documents we draft, you must provide written comments from your team in a single set of comments that you email to us. If you provide piecemeal comments, it will cause delays in getting them incorporated and/or your comments may get lost. Once we have received your written comments, we’ll have you schedule a call to go over any questions. Verbal comments are not helpful as they are usually given to an attorney, and not the paralegal who will incorporate them. Deviations from this process always causes delays.
8. Take Responsibility for Filing Securities Notices
We file your securities notices as a courtesy, but we do require payment for your state filings and any outstanding supplemental bills before we will file them. You only have 15 days to file after you use investor funds. Some states require substantial late fees or written justification for late filings, or you could be required to refund your investors’ money for filing late. We’ll send you an invoice as soon as you give us your list of sales. You must provide this list well before your filing deadline or you may miss your state filing deadlines and lose your exemption.