In this guest appearance with Vinney Chopra and his co-host Alicia Williams on Vinney’s “Syndication Made Easy” podcast, Kim Lisa Taylor discusses “Raising Money, Social Media and the SEC.”

Kim and Vinney, a multifamily syndicator, author and motivational speaker, have worked together on 26 syndications as of December 2019. In this podcast, Kim gives the do’s and don’ts of compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission rules for syndicators, along with valuable information on many other topics, including:

  • How to market to different types of investors
  • The difference between Rules 501(b) and 501(c)
  • How to keep your business and investors protected
  • The top mistakes made by new syndicators
  • How to raise money for your syndications
  • Why transparency is key
  • Effectively marketing for investors on social media

To listen to the entire podcast, click here.