In this teleseminar, Kim interviews longtime Syndication Attorneys, PLLC clients Bill Brancucci and Patrick Castelli about their journey from beginning syndicators just five years ago to now running Citadel Real Estate Group, a multimillion-dollar investment firm with $110 million in assets under management for some 250 investors.

Bill and Patrick share how they got started, where they turned for the necessary education, how they began raising money from investors to finance bigger and better deals, and what they’re doing now. As you listen to their story, you’re sure to be inspired.

Among other points discussed:

  • How they delegate tasks between them
  • How they reach out to investors
  • What kind of followup it takes to get someone to invest
  • How they develop relationships with co-guarantors
  • What they would do differently if they were to start all over again
  • How they have been able to upgrade properties using 1031 Exchange
  • Status of current deal