In this highly educational broadcast, host Kim Lisa Taylor, Esq., and special guest Richard C. Wilson discuss “How to Get Family Offices to Invest in Your Real Estate Syndicates.”

Richard is founder and CEO of Family Office Club, a global family office association serving more than 2,000 registered investors since 2007. Family Office Club is well known for its many educational events both across the United States and internationally each year and for the extensive resources it offers to members.

Among the topics that Kim and Richard explore during the broadcast:

  • What are family offices?
  • How are they structured?
  • What kinds of assets do they invest in?
  • What do family offices look for in an investment partner?
  • How are deals structured with family office investors?
  • What do family offices require for “skin in the game” from syndicators?
  • How can syndicators meet family office decision-makers?
  • What types of education and events are offered by Family Office Club?

If you’ve considered approaching family offices to invest in your deals, you want to be sure to hear what Richard has to say, as he is considered one of the leading experts in the field.


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