What We Do Syndication Attorneys Coeur d'Alene, ID St Augustine FL

Securities Legal Compliance

With our help, you can select the best options to legally raise money for real estate, small business startups or expansions. You tell us what you want to do and we help you select the right legal framework, draft the documents, do the state and federal filings, and give you the education and resources you need to make it happen.

Business Advice

We help you create and refine a business model that will attract the financing and investors you need to achieve your business goals and objectives. Our expert editorial team will provide structural, technical and legal editing of your investment summaries and project plans or even create your documents from scratch.
What We Do Joint Venture Syndication Attorneys Coeur d'Alene, DI St. Agusutine. FL

Deal Structuring

We draw on past experience with hundreds of Securities Offerings and Joint Ventures to help you:

  • Structure your offering with U.S. and/or foreign investors
  • Understand how to split money with investors and JV partners
  • Make smart tax decisions for you and your investors
  • Legally earn money in the process

Legal Documents

We draft your offering documents in plain English so that you and your investors understand what you are doing and the risks they may face. We don’t just hand you documents that you don’t understand — we make sure you “get it.” And our commitment to you does not end there. Our lump-sum fees usually include continuing legal support.

Presentation Packets & Business Plans

Our creative team can help research, write, edit and design your offering documents, presentation packets and business plans, tailored to the platform you prefer: print, mobile, desktop, etc. Our team members and supporting providers come from professional journalism, web and graphic design backgrounds; they know how to put together publications that will make a knock-out first — as well as lasting — impression on the investors you seek to attract.

What We Do Crowdfunding Syndication Attorneys Coeur d'Alene,ID St Augustine, FL

Products & Services

  • Private placements – Regulation D, Rules 506(b) and 506(c)
  • Intrastate private offerings
  • Initial public offerings
  • California public offerings
  • Crowdfunded offerings
  • Investment partnerships and Joint Ventures (Complex and Simple)
  • 1031 Exchange Structures
    • Tenant in Common Agreements
  • Securities Exchange Act regulatory filings (Federal and State)
  • Fund Setup and Documents
    • Commercial Real Estate Funds (Multifamily, Self-Storage, Mobile Home Parks, Shopping Centers, Office, etc.)
    • Single-Family Fix-and-Flip Funds
    • Distressed Note Funds
    • Secured and Unsecured Debt Offerings
    • Hard Money Loan Funds
  • Blind Pools and Segregated Blind Pools
  • Specified and Semi-Specified Offerings
  • Optional Investment Summaries and Business Plans for Fund Syndicators include:
    • 10-20 pages drafted by an in-house professional editor plus attorney review
    • Graphic design with photos (provided by you) in a professional graphic design template
    • Digital flipbook so investors have online access to your summary document
    • 4-page printable brochure you can hand out at live events
    • 1-page email teaser you can share with prospective investors
    • Website providing your investors with secure access to your documentation