Where Can I Meet Syndicators Who Allow Unaccredited Investors?

Go to as many networking and “guru” events as possible where people are learning to buy the same thing you want to buy. For instance, if you want to invest in multifamily, find multifamily trainers and go to their events. You’ll learn how to buy your own, what to look for in a syndicate, as well as meet others who are doing Rule 506(b) offerings that allow unaccredited investors. ReMentor’s Ultimate Partnering is the biggest one I know of (full disclosure, I sponsor this event and do training for them), but there are other trainers as well for multifamily. It will pay off to get exposed to as many trainers (and their students) as you can.

Also, even though someone has a 506(c) offering currently, they may do a 506(b) offering later on if they get contacted by enough people who are unaccredited to make it worth their while. Many current 506(c) Syndicators have simply exhausted their current database of unaccredited investors in previous deals and now have to do 506(c) offerings in order to fill their current deals. Bottom line, reach out to 506(c) syndicators and ask if they ever do 506(b) deals and if so, get to know them.