Property Overview Template


For those who don’t want to pay us to draft your Property Overview –you can do it yourself! Use our PowerPoint template, which is a 10- to 16-page document with places for you to insert descriptions, photos, sources and uses of funds, financial projections, exit strategies, and biographies of your team. You provide the raw data and use our professionally designed template to put it all together.

Bundle and Save!

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If you don’t want to hire us to prepare your Property Overview, you can purchase our PowerPoint Template and create your own. If you want us to customize the color scheme, we can do so for an additional $100.

Our easy-to-complete Property Overview template will have your property information ready to distribute to potential investors in no-time (although we always recommend you have it reviewed by an experienced Corporate Securities Attorney before showing it to investors). The template includes a 15-page outline plus an accompanying Excel document with hints as to what you should be including for each of the tables referenced in the Property Overview. The Property Overview is delivered in Microsoft PowerPoint so that you can easily add your own content for each section, upload your own photos and insert your own Excel spreadsheets.

Anticipated Timeframe: We’ll send you a link to download the initial template within 24 hours.

Note: If you are a legal client of Syndication Attorneys, PLLC, you don’t need to buy this, as we provide this as a free perk for our legal clients.

Note that this is a non-legal service purchased from Syndication Attorneys, PLLC. Thus, this product is not subject to Attorney-Client privilege or confidentiality. However, as an internal policy, we do not share work we do for you with others. Each marketing piece we draft is unique and customized to each of our clients and their specific businesses. That being said, there may be commonalities between your plan and one we have created for others. This is unavoidable simply because there is only so much that can be said about certain types of offerings, and there is specific information that investors need that is common to all such marketing materials.