“Pending Legislation Alert for Syndicators & Self-Directed IRA Investors” featured special guest Kaaren Hall, CEO of uDirect IRA Services & Board Member of the Retirement Industry Trust Association, who explained current proposed legislation and its potential effects on you and your ability to raise money.

Briefly, the proposed $3.5 trillion Reconciliation Bill currently being debated by Congress (as of September 2021) may prohibit investors with Self-Directed IRAs from investing in Private Placements that require the IRA owner to meet certain minimum financial, educational or licensing requirements — i.e., Regulation D, Rule 506 Offerings. Worse yet, those with current investments could be required to divest them within a couple of years — requiring recapitalization of the investment or loss of IRA tax benefits for IRA funds that remain invested beyond the deadline.

Kaaren’s message: Take action now! Let your federal legislators know of the postential harm these provisions could have on their constitutents.


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